Do you want to buy cheap log cabins today? We at Lugarde love quality and beautiful garden houses. That way we only offer the best accessories at our garden houses. For example, we have our own paint machine that delivers the best paint stain and can already offer your garden house protection up to 12 years!

Even when it comes to roofing, we have access to the best material, such as top quality EPDM, roof shingles of residential quality and roof tile profile plates, we only deliver in HPS coating. We believe that you should get value for your money and we only deliver products that we ourselves would like to see in our own garden.

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You have your own taste and style. Specific garden sheds belong to every specific taste. Fortunately we at Fonteyn have a huge range. From a sleek gazebo, to a traditional log cabin.

Maybe you will use your garden shed as storage space. That is fine! But we also have garden houses that are suitable as an additional office, studio or even as a guesthouse. In addition to your garden shed, also consider matching garden furniture in the form of a lounge set. In this way you make your garden complete.

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